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Spoil ME

 If you intend to surprise me with a gift, here are some ideas you can offer me .

Image de Olga Thelavart
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The  perfect  Date

You can also spoil me by inviting me on a special date. Here are some ideas and places I like to go (mainly in Montreal & Toronto)

Dinner date (favourite restaurant)

- Casa Madera (Toronto)
- Harbour 60 (Toronto)
- J
acobs & co (Toronto)
- Sotto sotto (Toronto)
- Milos (Montreal)
- Beatrice (Montreal)
- Damas (Montreal)


Spa date (favourite spa)

- Botta botta (Montreal)
- Finlandais (Montreal)
- Thermëa (Toronto)



favourite hotel 

- Four Seasons (Toronto & Montreal)
- Bisha (Toronto)
- Shangri la-(Toronto)
- Honeyrose (Montreal)
- Vogue (Montreal)



other date idea 

- Wine tasting
- Concert
- S
how (Cirque du Soleil or other)
- Cottage day 

Image de Olga Thelavart
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