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Image de Scott Webb


1 Hour | $500

   Time is of the essence

1.5 Hour | $750 

 Let's tease some more


2 Hours | $1.000

Building a mystery 


3 Hours | $1.500

Sipping champagne  with you


5 Hours | $2.500

Le bourgeois ( Dinner date ) 


12 Hours | $5.000

I have you on my mind





2 Hours | $1200 

 Minimum of two hours + transportation fees


Please take notes 

  • For all first time meeting, I always ask for a little security deposit to secure our appointment.

  • My fees are not negotiable, any kind of bargaining will result in a categorical refusal to meet.

  • 24HRS notice is always appreciated, last-minute requests are never guaranteed

  • 4–5 stars Hotels are required for a first encounter. I might agree on chic lofts, condos and residences with a known friend & a reference from another well-known provider.

  • References will maybe be required.

  • I will not answer at a landline phone application, no exception.

  • If you want to give me the consideration by EMT, please give me a notice first and send it to me at least minimum 30 minutes before our appointment to make sure I get it before you arrive.

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